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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Nick Aliotti talks to the media after day 2 of spring practice. Video courtesy of KEZI.

Rob Moseley has a few notes on day 2 of spring practice. Here's one that I was glad to see:

As a matter of procedure: Helfrich said today everybody is academically eligible and practicing, after winter term grades came in. To my understanding, that wasn't a complete certainty earlier this week, so that's good news.

Aaron Fentress goes into more detail on the scholarship Ayele Forde received for his hard work.

After three years of paying his way through school as a digital design major, ingratiating himself into the hearts of coaches with work ethic and busting tail on special teams, Forde has been rewarded.

Arik Armstead talked with Rob Moseley about his new d-line coach and taking on a bigger role this year.

"I hope to have a big role," Armstead said. "I hope to make plays on defense and be a significant player."

Charles Fisher gets the reason on why practice is closed straight from the head coach.

• Joe Packer introduces us to WR Chance Allen.

De'Anthony Thomas is the every down running back in practice, for now anyway.

Ted Miller believes Marcus Mariota helps ease the Ducks' into the Mark Helfrich era.

Somewhat lost in the regional shuffle of the Kelly-to-the-NFL talk and the national hullabaloo over Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel's brilliant Heisman Trophy season was Mariota's extraordinary performance as the Ducks' redshirt freshman starter.


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DDubbs76 said...

A little scary to think about DAT as a full-time back...not gonna lie about those feelings. Word.