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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Ayele Forde talks with KEZI about earning a scholarship for this year after working hard as a walk-on.

• Rob Moseley says offensive guard Andre Yruretagoyena is working hard to assert himself and become a starter this year.

“I wasn't confident in myself,” Yruretagoyena said. “That’s always been my biggest thing, even in high school.”

That changed over the course of his redshirt freshman season, which helps explain why Yruretagoyena is in the mix to replace the two starting guards Oregon lost to graduation, Kyle Long and Ryan Clanton, along with top backup Nick Cody.

• Dion Jordan has been invited to New York to attend the NFL draft later this month where he is projected to be picked as high as number one.

Joey Holland looks back to take a closer look at an Oregon legend, Shy Huntington.

• Sean Goodbody has an entertaining story on statistical analysis as it relates to the Ducks.

The problem with all these objective measures is: football is not objective!  You cannot compare stats, scores, indexes, or any other numbers to predict how one team will do against another team!  We see this time and time again; the pundits quote stats, use those stats to come to conclusions or predictions, and then get it completely wrong.  (I am not at all referring to Lou Holtz.)


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DDubbs76 said...

Oh, it would be sweet for Jordan to go #1!