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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Oregon beat Texas St. 10-4 last night as the Ducks complete the two game series sweep.

Brett Thomas went 3-for-5 with a RBI and a run scored to lead No. 16 Oregon to a 10-4 non-conference win over Texas State at PK Park on Wednesday night.

• Michael Clay returned to Eugene this week for the Oregon Pro Day with a little more meat on his bones.

• Sean Goodbody wonders if you have ever noticed how Oregon seems to get more out of 2 or 3 star recruits?

Since Chip Kelly arrived, Oregon has done an outstanding job of squeezing more “stars” out of their preps.  Admittedly, a ton of this success has resulted from the caliber of people – not players – that Oregon has recruited.  After all, “Rudys” don’t become stars just because coaches tell them to work hard.  Only special people make the hard choice to buy into the system and work their butts off.  Oregon recruiters have found a lot of those special people.

Brandon P. Oliver @ESPN ($) reports the Ducks are pushing hard to land some of the nations top recruits in the South and closer to home in the West.

ESPN Watch list RB Racean Thomas (Oxford, Ala./Oxford) holds offers from nine SEC programs, Boise State, Cal, Clemson, USC and the Ducks. Watch List LB Rashaan Evans (Auburn, Ala./Auburn) has a similar offer list. Like Thomas, Evans received an offer from the Ducks this past week. The Ducks need running backs in this class and they are shooting for the stars. Along with Thomas, the Ducks offered RB Myles Autry (Norcross, Ga./Norcross), who was the co-star -- along with former Oregon recruit and Alabama signee, Alvin Kamara -- in the backfield for Norcross in 2012.


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