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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Ted Miller and Kevin Gemmell shares their reasons for picking the top 25 players in the Pac-12 for 2012 with some good natured ribbing.

There's a saying that there are two things that you never want to see being made: laws and sausage. I think you can add the Pac-12 Blog Postseason Top 25 to that list. 

The debate between Ted and I was vigorous -- and mostly civil. One time Ted mocked my alma mater for not having a football team. I called Ted the kind of guy who likes his comments and says "natty." I quickly apologized, knowing I'd gone too far. See, mostly civil.

For those who want to see a sneak peek into how the sausage is made, enjoy this email exchange between your bloggers.

ESPN had some nice words for Dion Jordan's performance at the NFL combine.

Oregon point guard Dominic Artis is expected to see some limited playing time on Thursday just in time for the Civil War.

Oregon beat Portland 3-1 last night behind some strong pitching.

Four Oregon pitchers combined for 15 strikeouts to lead the No. 14 Ducks to a 3-1 non-conference win over Portland on Tuesday night at PK Park.

• According to this ESPN Insider ($) article, Mark Helfrich will make it a point to lock down the best players on the West Coast in the recruiting battle.

California has a larger talent pool than any state in the country and Washington puts out a talented group of recruits every year. Under Helfrich, the Ducks are more focused than ever on making a big push for recruits from their nearby states before beginning intense pursuit of top national targets.


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DDubbs76 said...

The problem with putting all of your eggs into California is that a lot of those guys want to attend USC or Cal. It's a major uphill battle. Getting guys from Texas seems easier since they probably want to leave Texas for somewhere different...I mean really...they're in Texas, so why not leave?