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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Kevin Gemmell reminds us that although the Pac-12 only went 4-4 in bowl games, they did go 2-0 in the bowl games that matter the most, the BCS games. And that is a very good thing.

Oregon finishes at number two for only the second time in school history after Notre Dame got embarrassed last night.

Charles Fisher analyzes a few throwback plays Chip threw at K-State.

• Tyler Johnstone was named to the FWAA Freshman All-American team yesterday.

Rob Moseley reflects on the 12-1 season.

• A.J. Jacobson believes Kelly's decision to stay will have a positive impact on recruiting.

John Canzano offers his opinion on why Chip decided to stay as did some students on campus. Oregon AD Rob Mullens is glad to have Chip back in the fold as well.

Ted Miller weighs in on Chip deciding to stay at Oregon instead of going to the NFL . Be sure to check it out, very good read. Here's a sample.

The immediate reaction in some quarters to Kelly's return -- other than surprise from just about everyone -- is that Kelly can't keep doing it like this, both with NFL folks and with Oregon. 

Both sides, it is reasoned, will get tired of the fickleness. Does Kelly want to be Oregon's coach? Or does he want to be something else? He must decide! 

No, he doesn't. Kelly can do what he wants as long as he keeps winning with panache. When everyone knows you are one of the best living football coaches, you can write your own ticket.


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