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Monday, December 03, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
• As most of us suspected #4 Oregon will face #5 Kansas St. in the Fiesta Bowl on January 3 at 5:30 pm local time on ESPN.

Rob Moseley sets the stage for the Fiesta Bowl.

The Ducks will make their fourth straight BCS appearance, just the fourth school ever to do so and the only one with an active streak.

• Ted Miller and David Ubben break down the Fiesta Bowl matchup. Here's a sample from Ted's side.

This Oregon team is strong on both sides of the ball. The defense faltered a bit late because of injuries, but it should be fairly healthy after a few weeks of rest. 

The final question for Oregon fans heading into the bowl game? Will this be Kelly's last game leading the program? Many have already projected him as taking an NFL job this off season.

Matt Daddy @ATQ takes a sane look at all the Chip to the NFL rumors and applies a little logic.

Here is the bowl game lineup for the Pac-12.

• Chris Charbonnier looks at what it will take to attract better linemen recruits.

• Ted Werth likes the looks of the next "two headed monster" at running back, Thomas Tyner and Dontre Wilson along with Byron Marshall.

Time will tell, but don’t count me as surprised if we see Marshall and Wilson teaming up for the majority of the carries next year. Will they form the next Oregon Two-Headed Monster, or will the beast reincarnate in some other combination? Will it happen next year or will it take longer? All are good questions, and while I don’t have the answers I’m pretty confident that some combination of these three excellent running backs will form the Oregon Duck Two-Headed Monster, Version 4.0. Expect it sooner, rather than later.


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