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Friday, December 21, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Nick Aliotti talks with reporters after practice yesterday. Video courtesy of KEZI.

• Joey Holland has a good article on the brief history of Oregon's freshmen quarterbacks as he compares Marcus Mariota, Bill Musgrave and Danny O'Neil.

Looking at the numbers and team success, one may say that Mariota had the most impressive freshman season out of these three. However, each of these young rookies made a huge impact on the Oregon football program, especially considering the fact that Musgrave and O’Neil helped so much to usher in the program’s current era of unprecedented success, and Duck fans can look back and remember each of them fondly.

• In the "I'm tired of hearing about it department," you can find stories on the Lyles affair from Adam Jude, Ted Miller, Rob Moseley and Erik Skopil. Until something concrete is determined I won't be posting any more articles on this subject. Conjecture and media speak we can do without IMO.

• has their Fiesta Bowl football release ready for you. Learn everything you need to know about the much anticipated matchup.

Rob Moseley says K-State's towering O-line should have Oregon's full attention.

The Daily Emerald grades Oregon and K-State's offensive lines and tight ends. They give the advantage to Oregon in the TE department and call the O-line an even match.

TE-Advantage: Oregon. Lyerla has  61 more yards on the same number of catches and considerably more touchdowns, but Oregon doesn't get the advantage because of stats alone.  Lyerla (or “Bane,” as he’s known in some online circles) is simply a more critical piece of the Ducks’ offense than Tannahill is to Kansas State.


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DDubbs76 said...

That's funny that they call Lyerla, Bane. Not sure if I'd really like that. Word.