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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Duck Stud: Morning Mud

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my Duck friends and family who might wander onto the blog today. Enjoy your special times family, friends and loved ones during this festive season.

• The Oregon Daily Emerald grades the wide receivers for the Ducks and Wildcats and gives the edge to K-State.

• Aaron Fentress goes head to head with a K-State beat reporter as they talk about their schools tradition. Aaron also thinks Chip Kelly would be a perfect fit for the Carolina Panthers should he decide to go to the NFL.

• Josh Schlichter looks at Oregon's "numbers" advantage going against K-State. Here is a sample from his article:

This particular matchup between Oregon and Kansas State is very similar to the Oregon-Wisconsin matchup from last January. The Badgers boasted efficiency and a stout defense, but lacked the speed and athleticism to run base coverage's   thus, they could not avoid neglecting a component of the Oregon offense. Kansas State may have a pair of elite cornerbacks, but the battle for supremacy against Oregon doesn't usually happen on the outside of the field – it happens inside of the box, where linemen and linebackers are forced to use their athleticism to head off the speedy Oregon skill players. Those KSU shortcomings were especially evident against Baylor, and may be equally evident on January 3rd against Oregon.

If Kansas State allows Oregon to stretch the field and force the Wildcats to take safeties out of the box to defend exterior passes, then Oregon will have no problem running the ball throughout the game.



DDubbs76 said...

Happy Birthday Pappy...see you soon!

DuckStud said...

Thanks Dave :-)