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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Adam Jude believes the Ducks need to bring the Ferrari (De'Anthony Thomas) out of the garage against the beavs.

This Civil War is like the state's biggest car show of the year, and who wouldn't want to show off his polished, Sunday best on a day like that?

• Bob Clark believes there will be no stopping the Oregon offense if they get their run game going.

• Joel previews the Civil War.

• Ken Goe, along with many others, find it unfortunate that many Civil War fans won't be able to watch this year's edition because of an impasse between the Pac-12 Network and DirecTV.

Aaron Fentress and John Hunt predict an Oregon victory.

Ted Miller wonders "did you know?"

The Civil War has been all Oregon lately. Oregon has won four straight and those wins came by an average of 19.0 points. A win would give Oregon a five-game win streak in the series, the second-longest Oregon win streak in the history of this rivalry. These teams have played each other 115 times with the first meeting in 1894.

Rob Moseley predicts  a victory for the Ducks today and will be interested to see...

...what the Ducks get from Mariota, Barner and Thomas. Oregon State has been killed by Oregon's run game the last few years, and you'd expect the Beavers to try to avoid that by loading up to stop Barner and Thomas. For 10 weeks, Mariota was good enough to beat teams that did that. Last week, he wasn't. Has he hit some sort of wall? Or was that just a blip in his ascendancy to elite status nationally?

My prediction: Oregon 52 - beav trash 27


1 comment:

DDubbs76 said...

The uniforms are obvious since they were posted online, but I will predict that the beav trash DO NOT wear those throwbacks. That didn't work. Maybe the trash come out with some new grey combination, just so we can officially know that they will try to do anything we do to make themselves appear cool.

Oregon will not be rattled at Reser. It will be loud and mean there, but Mariota is a cool customer, and we'll have our first three series all planned out and practiced, so communication won't be an issue.


Oregon 48
beav trash 18

All too easy.