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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Chip Kelly talks with reporters after the 52-21 victory over Washington. Video courtesy of KEZI.

Nick Krupke shares the KVAL game recap video that aired last night after the game.

• Impressive victory by the Ducks last night in, to this point, their most complete game against a Pac-12 team. You can see Mariota make better decisions from week to week and the defense is one of the best I have ever seen from an Oregon team. Still a long way to go but you have to feel pretty confident about this team.

• The usual suspects provide their game recap stories. Chris Hansen calls UW one-upset wonder; Rob Moseley says Mariota put on a clinic;  Aaron Fentress called it easy work; Adam Jude is impressed with the play of Avery Patterson who replaces an injured John Boyett; Steve Mims called it a rout; Ted Miller compares Oregon and Washington to a Lamborghini and a Pinto; Isaac Rosenthal notes the total team effort; Josh White has their detailed analysis of the game; Ken Woody called it pretty much routine; Steve Mims believes the pick six is in Oregon's playbook; Bob Clark shares his notebook; ESPN and round out the coverage.

• Larry Scott (Pac-12 commish) talked with the media yesterday about late games and the Pac-12 Network dealings with DirectTV.

Kevin Gemmell has a helmet sticker for Marcus Mariota.

In the biggest game of his young career, Mariota tossed four touchdown passes and completed 15 of 24 balls to lead the Ducks to yet another blowout win -- 52-21 this time -- over the Washington Huskies. He also ran for 40 yards on seven carries and kept plays alive with his feet. He had one pick, but for the most part he showed good decision making on when to throw and when to throw it away. The Pac-12 blog sees marked improvement in Mariota each week.

Ted Miller breaks down "what we learned" in the Pac-12 this week and guess who tops the list?

Oregon is the clear favorite -- in the Pac-12 and for national title game: At the beginning of the season, USC was the Pac-12 favorite and the conference's clear national title contender. After six games, that has firmly changed, and the apparent distance between Oregon and everyone else in the conference appears vast. While it's dangerous to do the transitive property -- a frequent note of ours -- just consider what Oregon did to Arizona and then Washington. And what those teams have done in their other games. Oregon will be a strong No. 2 in the national polls this week, which means they are in excellent position to play for the national title for the second time in three years. And, of course, win a fourth consecutive conference title.


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DDubbs76 said...

We just dominated them last night, and have clearly shown that we aren't like other Pac-12 teams...we're a national contender.