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Friday, October 05, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Nick Aliotti talks about his former student Justin Wilcox and his growth into a coaching role with Washington. Video courtesy of  KEZI.

Dale Newton thinks it might me a mistake for Chip Kelly not to honor the long, bitter rivalry between the Ducks and the Dawgs.

In the case of this week's rivalry showdown with the Washington Huskies, Chip is making an egregious mistake in downplaying the significance of the game and its history. Oh, you get what he's saying about preparing for every opponent in the same way, but this really is different, for a couple of reasons.

Jackson Long had a chance to do a little Q&A with CB Dior Mathis.

Ted Miller and Kevin Gemmell predict an Oregon victory against Washington.

What to watch this weekend? Oregon vs Washington of course.

"I think guys are going to have to defend other people as well, and when they start defending other people, then De'Anthony's going to start showing up again," Campbell said. "He's a weapon no matter when he's on the field. If people are watching him, they're going to leave other people open."



DDubbs76 said...

Yes, Husky week is different.

So, here's my game prediction, before anybody else can post! I think Oregon comes out firing, and knock the Huskies down early. I'm going to say Oregon's up 22-0 after the first quarter, but then Washington shows some grit and makes it 29-14 at half, eeking into our lead. The second half shows just how much better the Ducks are. Oregon comes out firing again, and throws up three more touchdowns in the third, and it's 51-14. Washington gets a crappy 4th quarter score, and the final is 51-17.

Barner burns for 186 yards and 3 in the air

DAT gets more touches, but the defense certainly keys in on him. 87 yards rushing with a TD, and 92 yards receiving with 2 TDs.

Mariota has a scrappy game, forced to run in a few extra times. I'm going to say 46 yards on the ground, and 203 yards in the air, with 5 TD passes, and no interceptions.

Lids-White (I'm still waiting for the white lid!)


DDubbs76 said...

Dang Gina...I was pretty close on this one!