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Monday, October 22, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Tom Ward and Nick Krupke are joined by former Oregon mulit-sport athlete Jordan Kent in this episode of Inside the Pac. Video courtesy of KVAL.

Kansas St. jumped over Oregon to grab the #3 spot in the latest BCS poll even though the Ducks are ranked second in both human polls. The reason seems to be strength of schedule as Aaron Fentress points out.

Yet, and still, the Ducks slipped in the polls because their schedule strength pales in comparison to Alabama (first in the BCS), Florida (second) and Kansas State (third). 

Also lacking is Oregon's minutes logged in meaningful games where true competition stretches into the second half. 

Fortunately for Oregon, it will have a chance to impress the computers with games remaining at No.10 USC, at home against No.19 Stanford and at No.7 Oregon State.

Jackson Long wonder is the Ducks could play for four quarters if the need arises against a tough opponent.

The biggest question that remains is what happens when the Ducks have to play a full 60 minutes. We know they can crush the opponent by halftime, so second-half effort is practically uncalled for, but what will happen when a team like USC or maybe Oregon State (!) asks more of Oregon?

So while the first units aren’t playing much in the home stretch, what is to say they can’t replicate their first-half efforts in the later stages? If the Ducks keep rolling, we may never find out.

• Joel wonders if Chip is taking kindness too far when it comes to easing off in the second half.

For the modern day Ducks, however, it’s national championship or bust. The only way to get there is to show no mercy.

Chip needs to wake up and realize that this is big boy football. Being sportsmanlike is all fine and dandy when you’re in high school, but the stakes are much higher.



DDubbs76 said...

I thought the article from FishDuck about Chip being too kind was straight idiotic. If Mariota or Kenjon or DAT, or any number of players suffered a significant injury when we're playing our starters in the 2nd half, up by 40, then the author would cry foul for that. It's a lose-lose, and Chip's doing the respectful, and smart thing.

And this notion that we're losing out on the National Championship because of those decisions is short-sighted and riddled with errors. We're not losing out, because the last half of our schedule is where our strength comes in. And more than that...since our guys have received many breathers this year, they will be much more fresh when faced with those challenging games.

DuckStud said...

Glad you don't have any second thoughts on speaking your mind Dave :-)