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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Duck Fan Perspective - Oregon vs. UW 2012 from Fowlplay2010 on Vimeo.

Fowlplay2010 shares his "fan perspective" video of the Washington game.

John Canzano has three words on Oregon's domination of ASU and one of them is "proof."

If you were like me, you wanted to see how Oregon would respond to being on the road, against a good team in a hostile environment. The 43-point run put the crowd in a coma here, but the performance caused it. So yeah. The Ducks responded. Mariota responded. The offense responded. The defense responded. 

I wasn't sure ASU would come out for the second half.

Ken Goe has no more doubts about the Ducks.

Adam Jude believes the Ducks control their own destiny.

I usually don't link to Ted Miller's "mailbag" articles but there are some really good responses by Ted in this edition.

• Ted goes beyond Kenny Wheaton and shares his three favorite running plays. Here is one of them.

Jeremiah MasoliNothing ranks higher in my mind then the 4th down scramble and run by Jeremiah Masoli in the 2009 Civil War. The winning team in that game was going to the Rose Bowl.


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