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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Here is a sneak peek at the company here in Oregon who makes the new helmets. Video courtesy of KEZI.

Aaron Fentress previews tonight's game against the Sun Devils.

Oregon hasn't played against a defense like Arizona State's. The Sun Devils haven't played against an offense like Oregon's. Something has to give. UO's balance on both sides wins the night. Oregon 43, Arizona State 24.

Ted Miller wonders if the ASU defense and hostile crowd will be too much for Marcus Mariota to handle in the game tonight.

Rob Moseley notes special teams need to improve on consistency as we head into the meat of the schedule.

Wade Evanson doesn't think it will be as close as many predict.

...The better team should win this game by more than two touchdowns, and that better team is the Oregon Ducks...

• Joel says it won't be easy but predicts an Oregon victory.

This week is quite simple for the Ducks: If they can control the defensive line of ASU, they will be fine. The Devils secondary, led by safety Alden Darby, has been solid due to the incredible pass rush provided to them. If the Ducks can give Mariota just a split second more time to operate, then he should find receivers open down field.

• Personally, I give Oregon the edge after starting slow but pulling away in the second half. Oregon 42-ASU 24. I like Dave's idea for the uni's, good old Storm Trooper but with a new helmet, white lightning.


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DDubbs76 said...

Oh, prediction included white lightning helmets...I've been waiting for those all year! They're gonna be SEXY!