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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

• Rob Moseley and Ken Woody hand out mid-season report cards in the Postgame Brew.

Joel continues with the halfway point theme but warns the second half won't be quite as easy.

So many variables can come into play in college football, that fans must keep a level head and just enjoy what is happening. This team is young, and getting better by the week. What the rest of the season has in store, we don’t know yet.

• Defensive lineman Isaac Remington has been suspended indefinitely after being cited for DUII yesterday morning.

• Dale Newton @The Duck Stops Here says the second half of the season will bring challenges.

Just like always, they have to finish the job. The challenges ramp up. The attention and distractions increase with every win.

If they stay committed and execute, this could be the most memorable year imaginable.


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