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Friday, September 07, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Keeerrrttt1 goes one-on-one with KVAL Sports Director Tom Ward as they talk a little Oregon football.

Rob Moseley had a chance to talk with Marcus Mariota about his encore performance against Fresno St. and the inevitable.

I also asked whether he's considered how he'll react to the inevitable first interception -- heck, not even that, the inevitable first time Oregon has to punt after one of his drives.

"You know, it's hard to really focus on that, because you really just want to just continue to execute as an offense," Mariota said. "That's something that I haven't really worried about. When it comes at hand, I'm sure as an offense we'll handle it well."

• Matt Walks @ODE has a nice story on how Keanon Lowe has risen from the depth charts to a starter.

Nick Aliotti believes the Oregon secondary needs to step up their game to stop teams from throwing the deep ball.

Is De'Anthony Thomas such a unique player that no one category defines him? Many Duck fans believe so.

• Joey Holland tells you about his Oregon football dream team. You might remember a few of his selected players.

• Ted Miller and Kevin Gemmell have picked Oregon over Fresno St. by 31 and 28 respectively.

• Rob Moseley names Cassell, Dargan, Lokombo, and Malone as players who lead UO special teams in the opening game.

Rahim Cassell, a 6-foot, 215-pound former three-star recruit from Lakewood, Calif., played on the kickoff and punt teams, and both return teams, in the Ducks' win over Arkansas State. Typically there's only a guy or two each season able to handle that kind of a special teams load, and Cassell was the man to open 2012.

Adam Jude has a good piece on the Oregon offense who score a ton of points in a short amount of time and have bought into Chip Kelly's philosophy of "fast, hard, finish."

"If Chip was a CEO, his company would be called 'Nike' or 'Google,' or something like that," assistant coach John Neal said. "He just thinks so differently than anyone I've ever met."

"You don't rise to the occasion; you sink to the level of your preparation," Kelly said this week.

His players believe that, too.


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