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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Chip Kelly talks with reporters during his weekly press conference. Definitely feeling a little chippy it seems to me. Video courtesy of Rob Moseley and the RG., Aaron Fentress and Rob Moseley preview the game against Arizona.

Ted Miller looks at how the Pac-12 stacks up nationally in the stat category and you'll find Oregon mentioned several times.

Charles breaks down what he calls the new "straddled triple option combo series" play.

Even LeBron likes Ducks swag according to the Nike Blog.

De'Anthony Thomas continues to move up in the minds of Heisman straw poll voters, you'll find him now at number three. DAT also made the cover of Sports Illustrated and his penned "The Fastest Man in Football."


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DDubbs76 said...

He deserves that cover photo...everybody is going to know about him if they already don't know.