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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

• Chip Kelly talked about the double-day session yesterday while Bryan Bennett and Marcus Mariota give their thoughts on the Tuesday scrimmage session. Video courtesy of Rob Moseley and the RG.

Chris Anderson @eDuck has some notes on the practice yesterday.

One of the players Kelly touched on when asked about the Ducks' depth behind Kenjon Barner and De'Anthony Thomas was Kenny Bassett. 

“I think Kenny's had a really, really, really good camp and is pushing for time behind them (Barner and Thomas)” Kelly mentioned, “I know as a staff we have been really impressed with Kenny”

Ted Miller has Kenjon Barner listed at #13 as he counts down the top 25 players in the Pac-12.

Barner makes the biggest leap in the top 25 for an unranked player from 2011, in large part because the Pac-12's best backup running backs now becomes one of its best running backs. Perhaps the best. Barner's 78.2 yards rushing per game ranked eighth in the conference in 2011, which is pretty impressive for a backup.

Jon Wilner details the Pac-12 Network's "classic" lineup and Paul Buker tells us which channels to watch in Oregon for the Pac-12 Network.

Pat & Jai over look at what might have happened if a 4-team playoff system had been around in 2001 instead of the BCS. (hint: Oregon would not have finished 2nd)

Aaron Fentress reports the defense is after more sacks in 2012.

"Any team that's going to have the (guts) to devote two guys to Dion [Jordan] or anything like that is going to get ripped alive by Taylor [Hart]," Carson York said. "I'm excited for other people to deal with them."


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