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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Adam Jude relays the big news from yesterday, the BCS is now  in agreement over a four team playoff model.

A committee of university presidents on Tuesday approved the BCS commissioners' plan for a four-team playoff to start in the 2014 season.

The move completes a six-month process in which the commissioners have been working on a new way to determine a college football champion. Instead of simply matching the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the country in a championship game after the regular season, the way the Bowl Championship Series has done since 1998, the new format will create a pair of national semifinals. No. 1 will play No. 4, No. 2 will play No. 3.

The winners will advance the national championship game. The teams will be selected by a committee, similar to the way the NCAA basketball tournament field is set. There are still some details to work out, but all the decision-makers are on board.

Ted Miller has a new video about hope and concern in the Pac-12 where he talks mostly about Oregon and USC.

Oregon fits into the "great shape" category in this ESPN Pac-12 positional review for running backs.

ESPN has launched a new recruiting site dedicated to Duck recruiting. If you are an ESPN Insider you can view it here or catch this post for some relevant news.

• Speaking of recruiting, Oregon picked up their seventh verbal commitment from Matt Wogan. A 6'2" 195lb. kicker from North Carolina.

Scott wonders if fans are really "part of the game," short answer, hell yes they are.

I tend to believe there is a multi-factoral combination of different aspects that draw us to sports. There is the tribalism, the social connection, the aesthetic beauty and the feeling of a tangible goal at the end: victory...

...It may be the coaches and players physically participating as fans observe, but emotionally fans remain every bit as invested as the players do, sharing in the revelry of victory or despairing in the bitterness of defeat. For that reason, saying ‘we won’ is very apt....

...As we contemplate another season at Autzen Stadium, let us enjoy all the little things that make football the great game that it is.


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