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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Keeerrrttt1 has a fantastic, must read story on the last great Oregon football team before the modern era, the 1963 football team.

Coach Len Casanova would never again have a team quite like the 1963 Ducks, Cas’ last great team. Dave Wilcox and Mel Renfro left for careers in the NFL that would eventually land both in the NFL Hall of Fame. Pat Matson joined the Broncos to start a 10-year career in the NFL. Others got opportunities to play professionally in the NFL or CFL. But the accomplishments of those who hung up their jerseys for good were just as impressive. (read the complete story here)

Ted Miller has tongue-in-cheek look at Oregon's most important game for 2012. Against Cal.

From On Friday, May 11 the UO student-athletes teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club of Emerald Valley (BGC) and hosted the first-annual O Heroes “O”lympics event. Student-athletes from many UO teams joined BGC members and community leaders, formed teams, and participated in events that encouraged the use of both intellectual and athletic abilities.

Oregon's baseball team moved up one spot to #5 in the latest rankings.

Oregon takes on Portland for a two game series. Today's game is in Portland and they'll be back at PK Park tomorrow.

Jerod Young calls Oregon closer, Jimmie Sherfy, the determined superhero.

Part of the Oregon baseball swagger, and a large part of their success this season, lies in the fact that all of the offense and starting pitching staff know that they have Sherfy in the back end of the bullpen. If the pitching and defense get shaky, all coach Horton has to do is break out the ‘Sherfy signal’ and he can come to the rescue.

In other baseball news, Oregon's series against the beav trash looms large next weekend.

A chance to capture the Pac-12 title on the road against your biggest rival?

The Civil War rivalry is rich enough, the implications apparent. But given the Ducks' current rise and Oregon State's well-earned stature in the sport, the series will be filled with subplots - most of which will be pertinent.


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