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Friday, April 27, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Tacoi Sumler shares his experiences as a red-shirt freshman, what he learned and his expectations this year. Video courtesy of Rob Moseley.

George Schroeder reports the BCS playoff system will look much different in 2014.

There's no clarity on exactly how the format will go, but beginning with the 2014 season (and a new TV contract), the BCS as we know it will radically change.

A four-team playoff is coming -- though goofily, BCS honchos refuse to call it such, referring to the idea as a "four-team event."

Position battles loom for Eddie Pleasant's old position.

Charles Fisher opens the history book and takes a look at the 2005 spring game where he got to be an official in charge of handling the down marker. Charles also has part three of his report on Chip Kelly's "coaching the spread" presentation.

Josh Schlichter calls Oregon baseball a triumphant return.

Aaron Fentress notes the competitive juices are flowing as the spring game is just around the corner.

Last year's spring game drew a school record 43,468, surpassing the 25,211 who attended in 2010. Oregon coach Chip Kelly said that last year's game raised about 67,000 pounds of food for the county food bank. UO's 2010 game raised 20,000 pounds of food.


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