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Friday, April 13, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Daryle Hawkins talks with reporters after practice yesterday and Rob Moseley has the associated article covering practice yesterday.

After practice, Nick Aliotti reviewed the defense. Not surprisingly, Dion Jordan and Taylor Hart have been standouts on the line, but Aliotti did say that Arik Armstead is making steady progress. One of his chief concerns in linebacker depth, and after following up with senior Michael Clay, it sounds like Oregon's second unit right now is Rodney Hardrick, Derrick Malone and Keloni Kamalani.

Chris Courtney also had notes on spring practice number seven.

All spring, Kelly has stated that the only thing he’s looking for -- out of any position -- is improvement from practice to practice. In assessing the quarterback battle, Kelly says he has seen just that.

“I think they really are starting to get a pretty good grasp of what we’re doing and understanding of where to go with the ball,” Kelly said Thursday. “If it’s 3rd and 6, why are you looking downfield when you can get a first down...I think they’re doing that now, where before, they were going through the progressions, but now really understanding of what we’re calling based on down and distance.”

• Over at, Josh White looks at seven of the most menacing "mallards" while Charles Fisher opens the history book and looks back at one of his scrimmage reports from the spring of 2005.


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