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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley posed questions to senior LB Michael Clay after practice yesterday.

Chris Courtney and Rob Moseley have notes from spring practice #6.

Chris: According to Clay, this was the first instance in which the team participated in live tackling since the Rose Bowl, hence, the focus Tuesday was on being physical, getting back to fundamentals, wrapping one’s head around schemes and sets.

Rob: Special teams coordinator Tom Osborne said of today's scrimmage, "from a protection standpoint, we did probably as good as you could ever ask for the first time through."

Osborne said Alejandro Maldonado also looked good kicking the ball, including punts; Osborne said Maldonado was playing through an injury last season, and the implication is that Maldonado is now performing to a higher level because he's healthy. (Maldonado was originally recruited as both a punter and placekicker.)

• The future of the NFL? More like the Oregon offense according to this article at Smart Football.

The ATQ crew talks with Rob Moseley about spring practice (audio podcast.)

Aaron Fentress reports that Rahsaan Vaughn is striving to be the go to wide receiver.

Mark Flores posted his weekly recruiting update.

• In baseball action, the Ducks beat USF for the second time 4-1.

Adam Jude believes it is Kenjon Barner's time to shine.

Barner has been dynamic in several roles the past three seasons, even excelling as a spot starter when James was injured last season. UO coach Chip Kelly said recently that he expects Barner to be one of the best backs in the country next season, and Barner enters his senior season drawing some Heisman buzz.


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I would just love Kenjon to make a Heisman run...that would be so cool!