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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Chip Kelly talks with reporters after the final day of practice this week. Video courtesy of KVAL.

Rob Moseley notes that the "stars" got to take it easy in practice yesterday.

I'd heard earlier in the week that John Boyett was being limited, at least at the start, to help him recover from injuries that nagged him last fall. Sounds like Josh Huff is getting the same treatment after playing through a stress fracture last season, as senior receiver Justin Hoffman said both he and Huff are working primarily as mentors to the young wideouts right now.

Steve Maher has some great examples of why you should be following Andy McNamara on Twitter.

Chris Courtney also had some notes from practice yesterday.

“We had too many drops today, but it’s been a good first four days and we’ll see how they can bounce back,” stated Kelly. “They’re starting to get in to a rhythm of how we’re doing things now and once that newness wears off -- you’re always fired up the first couple days of practice -- and once you get to practice six, seven, eight, nine; when you get to the finish line, is when you can really test yourself.” 



DDubbs76 said...

Those guys must hurt pretty bad after those first few's hard to replicate football in the real world. said...

Steve Maher wrote today's FishDuck article, not me.

DuckStud said...

Thanks Kurt, missed that but fixed now...