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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

• Chip Kelly talks about leadership after the second day of practice. Video courtesy of OregonSportsNet.

Rob Moseley calls it a 50-50 race between Bennett and Mariota for the QB spot.

Mark Helfrich said, with the idea they’ll keep pushing each other all the way past the spring game April 28 and into the summer and fall.

“We just try to put those guys in as many different scenarios as we can, roll the ball out there, and let them determine who plays,” Helfrich said.

It's sink or swim for the new recruits on day two.

Arik Armstead, the most high-profile recruit in the Ducks’ 2012 class, joined tight end Evan Baylis and quarterback Jake Rodrigues as true freshmen who graduated high school early and enrolled at the UO in time to start spring practices.

“Jump in the deep end and start swimming, son,” UO coach Chip Kelly said.

• David Melo has a great Q&A with former Gang Green member, Mark Schmidt. Here is my favorite question and answer.

What victory would you classify as the biggest win of your career?

“As a team, the most memorable game was the 1994 Washington Game at Autzen Stadium, it really put Oregon on the map.  Here was a dominant team with Napoleon Kaufman as the key against the ‘Gang Green’ upstart defense – did people believe in it or not?  It was a huge momentum swing, not only in the Gang Green Defense, but I think in Oregon Athletics as a whole.  It was like, ‘Hey, we’ve arrived, we’re on the scene, and we’re for real.’  To see how our fans in a packed house reacted and how they believed and supported us; I think the fans had as much to brag about as we did on the field.  We were the ones who got all the glory and won it, but the fans and momentum they had in that sellout crowd played into a part of success for Oregon Football.”


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