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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Keeerrrttt1 breaks out the history book as looks at the evolution of "The Duck" as our team mascot. Great read Kurt!

You can call him Donald, The Duck, Ducky, Puddles, or even Duck Diggler…just don’t imitate his trademark post-score pushup celebration or call him a Husky, them’s fightin’ words! Whichever name you prefer, what can never be questioned is that there is not another mascot across the country more beloved than the Purveyor of Pushups, the Deacon of Dance himself, The Oregon Duck.

Ted Miller reports that the Pac-12 powers to be are now on board for a new college football playoff system.

Pac-12 presidents and CEOs, in Los Angeles for the conference basketball tournament this past weekend, "agreed in principle Saturday to try to end college football's Bowl Championship Series, proposing its replacement with a playoff system that would allow only conference winners to play for college football's national title," according to Craig Harris of the Arizona Daily Republic. has some sad news this morning. Former basketball coach Dick Harter passed away at the age of 81.

Aaron Fentress reminds us that the baseball team showed very well against national competition this past weekend.

If the Ducks (12-3), who remained at No. 17 in Baseball America's Top 25,  demonstrated anything over the weekend its that they have pitching to burn. Over four games, three against 2011 NCAA playoff teams, Oregon surrendered just five runs. Sunday's four-hit shutout performance by Brando Tessar during a 4-0 win over Connecticut further demonstrated Oregon's pitching depth.



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