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Monday, February 27, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Keeerrrttt1 has a Q&A session with a longtime referee in the Pac-12 and WAC. Kurt asks exactly what they look for before throwing that flag. Good read.

Referees are placed in a position where no matter what they do they will never make anyone happy, and more often than not end up as the scapegoat when one team isn’t playing well. While their lack of vision and intelligence is often attacked, those who wear the stripes spend a great deal of time and effort to be the ones governing athletic events, and are quite skilled at the difficult job tasked to them.

LMJ came in second among the running backs with a 4.45 forty at the combine yesterday.

George Schroeder details a year of living anxiously regarding the NCAA investigation.

Keeerrrttt1 shares his picks of the all-time worst calls in Oregon history and has a lot of video clips to make his case.


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Keeerrrttt's article is LONG!