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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
• George Schroeder believes the handwriting is on the wall, change is coming to post season college football.

We’re not sure what form it will take — no one is at this point — but when the next BCS TV deal kicks in two years from now, well, there might not even be a BCS. Whatever it’s called, it won’t much resemble the current postseason structure.

“I would be shocked if it doesn’t get significantly changed.”

Those words come from a Pac-12 insider who didn’t want to be identified. The league’s commissioner was traveling Tuesday and unavailable for comment. On Monday, Scott told the San Jose Mercury News the Pac-12 “has stopped short of taking a position” on potential changes.

Stephen Alexander notes Kenjon Barner is taking nothing for granted when it comes to being the main running back this season.

“I’m not getting complacent,” Barner said, of his mindset during the offseason. “I’m not listening to (people saying) I’m supposed to be the guy. I’m constantly staying focused on what got me here ,and that’s hard work.”

• Chris Charbonnier looks at #12-10 spots when it comes to recruiting talent in the Pac-12.

• Will Harris @ESPN has an early look at the best BCS title bets (Insider access required) where you'll find Oregon in the #4 spot at 10 to 1.

Oregon capped 2011 by conquering multiple demons, beating a physical team in a big game away from Autzen. The Ducks unexpectedly lost quarterback Darron Thomas to the NFL draft and return just five starters on offense, but figure to score plenty anyway.

Like Alabama, the Ducks have a real shot at a title berth but have too many holes to back at such a short price. We'd hold our nose and take Bama or Oregon if forced to choose from among the favorites.


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