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Monday, January 02, 2012

Last Minute Gameday Stories

Ted Miller says the Duck defense is ready to be underestimated.

There is some resignation to Nick Aliotti -- "I'm trying to answer your question here," he repeatedly said to reporters -- because he'd like for his defense to get more credit, but he also knows that Oregon's national perception is gaudy uniforms and gaudy offensive statistics. That obscures how solid the Ducks' defense has been and is again this season.

It's clear that Aliotti and the Ducks respect the Wisconsin offense. And they are accustomed to being overlooked and dismissed. But there were a few times this week when Ducks defenders looked like cats purring with canaries in their mouths.

Ken Goe looks at ten key moments in the 2011 season.

Rob Moseley says these Ducks are ready for a Rose Bowl breakthrough.

Ken Woody breaks down the X's and O's of the game today.

• Justin Wilcox remembers his big day in the 1995 Rose Bowl.

“To come back and follow this team and watch them, it’s this beaming pride that I walk around with,” Wilcox said Sunday.

• Dale Newton lists his keys to the game.

1. Get De'Anthony Thomas loose
2. Keep Russell Wilson in the pocket, get some pressure and 3-4 sacks
3. Keep Montee Ball from running wild
4. Get consistency and focus from the offense

If they execute, the Ducks are better than Wisconsin. They're faster. They have more athletes. They've faced better offenses... The Badgers, while a tough, physical defense, don't have the speed to contain the Ducks on the perimeter, and they don't have a dominating defensive linemen to disrupt the Quack Attack from the middle.


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