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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
• Rob Moseley reports that the difference in this BCS game was the preparation.

“We were not going to be held down in this game,” [Darron] Thomas said. “I think there was a determination factor out of the offense.”

Perhaps that illustrated Thomas’ point that the Ducks were the better-prepared team, that their experience and focus and “emphasis” had paid off. Whatever the reason, when it came time to make plays with the game on the line, Oregon was of championship caliber Monday.

Keeerrrttt1 @ has a great story on his experiences at this years Rose Bowl. Kurt ends his article with this:

For years now Oregon fans have endured the same rhetorical taunt from Husky and Beaver fans, “when was the last time you guys won a Rose Bowl?”  Well, I can’t wait for one of them to ask me that again, so I can proudly respond “2012 Rose Bowl champions, and I was there.”

• David Melo @ concludes his multi-part series on the 2001 postseason.

• Ted Miller has some interesting Rose Bowl notes.

The 2012 Pac-12 schedule was announced yesterday and Rob Moseley breaks down Oregon's schedule.

Stephen Alexander reports the Rose Bowl victory was particularly meaningful for longtime coach Nick Aliotti.

“I started crying,” Aliotti says. “And at the same time my heart was smiling.”

Jason Vondersmith reports even the players turn into spectators when De'Anthony Thomas has the ball.

Kenjon Barner heard coach Chip Kelly talking about a Thomas play that the Ducks had practiced all week leading up to the game.

“A couple of us whispered, ‘Yeah, this’ll be a touchdown.’ … It’s something that we went over time and time again in practice,” Barner said. “To get into a game and have it work is very rewarding.”

Added Barner, of his phenom teammate: “If it’s not fun to watch him as a spectator, I’m not sure what fun is to you.”

Dale Newton states Chip Kelly has a "singular genius." Dale's post starts like this:

Chip Kelly doesn't coach doctors, and he's not going to find a cure for cancer or discover a new fuel cell technology. But he does have particular gift for coaching football, evidenced by a Rose Bowl Championship, three conference titles in his first three seasons, and a 34-6 record. That's 85% wins if you're scoring at home, far better than Bo, Woody, Bill Walsh or Amos Alonzo Stagg.

When Chip Kelly leads them out of the tunnel, he's leading a group that knows he believes in them. The confidence and preparation his teams exude has produced some scintillating results.


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DDubbs76 said...

The PAC-12 schedule is booty, and Chip is an amazing coach. I don't know how long he'll be here...I don't think he has Belotti's reign in him...but I'm going to enjoy every minute of his presence.