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Friday, January 27, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
• Aaron Fentress has a mini-preview of DE DeForest Buckner and wonders if he could be the next Dion Jordan.

Duck fans should be excited because: Fans who have fallen in love with the play of 6-7, 240-pound UO defensive end Dion Jordan – meet his clone. 

Buckner will be the next tall defensive end to roam Autzen Stadium and his high school coach, Kale Ane said he believes his star lineman has a bright future.

Steve Tannen, local sports talk radio host, talked with Chip Kelly about Kelly's decision to stay at Oregon instead of taking the head coaching job at Tampa Bay. Very interesting interview.

Not that anyone is surprised but Rob Moseley notes that LaMichael James was officially invited to the NFL combine.

• Aaron Fentress wonders if Oregon will land another big fish recruit like they did last year with Colt Lyerla and DAT.

• Dale Newton (part one and part two) and Adam Jude had a chance to have a little Q&A session with former Oregon CB Cliff Harris as he prepares for a chance to join the NFL combine. Here is the last paragraph from Dale's part two:

He's always thrived under pressure, even when he created it for himself.  Cliff Harris has a tremendous heart for the game of football. Hopefully, he is learning what he needs to reclaim his remarkable talent and the rare opportunity to succeed on its biggest stage. Less than .6 of 1% of college players make it in the league. Now out of his own way, Oregon's former #13 has as good a shot as anyone.


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DDubbs76 said...

Sounds like reports of Kelly leaving were blown up.