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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
• Ken Goe reports De'Anthony Thomas was named to the Football Writers Association of America's Freshman All-America team yesterday.

The final 2011 rankings are out after LSU lost last night to Alabama. You'll find Oregon at #4.

David Lieberman looks at the 2011 season by the numbers. Here is just one of the numbers:

25:03average time of possession per game for the Ducks this year, last in the NCAA (120th). Despite its lack of ball control, Oregon finished third in the country in scoring offense (46.15 points per game) and fourth in total offense (515.23 yards per game).

• Patrick Malee posted several articles yesterday including the the 21 most important moments of the 2011 season; a game by game recap of the 2011 season; an article on the perspective of Oregon's run to the Rose Bowl; and finally, Chipisms of the 2011 season. Here is my favorite Chipism on his list:

On De’Anthony Thomas’ fumbles after the LSU game: “Our players play from a desire to excel — not a fear of failure. I’m not yanking a kid when he puts the ball on the ground. As I learned from Paul Westhead a long time ago, you may stop the bleeding, but you may kill the patient and that’s not going to happen here.”



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