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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley and Ken Goe have your Sunday practice update. Video of CK after practice courtesy of MaxWilliams247.

Rob: Asked about his team's focus right now, a little over two weeks out from the Pac-12 title game and with two more weeks left before they play another game, Kelly said that "they understand the task at hand."

"It's been really good," Kelly said. "Really, really good. It was great last week, and continued, we gave them three days off and came back on Friday."

Ken: With the game still two weeks away, the Ducks are simulating a regular-season practice schedule this week as much as possible.

Kelly said this sort of defined schedule has worked well for Oregon's bowl prep in the past. The Ducks are playing in their third straight BCS game.

• Ken Goe calls Nick Aliotti a crafty schemer and a winner.

Aliotti gets kicked around the fan message boards sometimes, commenters dismissing him as Nick Allowiotti. But consider this:

    -- In Aliotti's 16 seasons as a major college defensive coordinator, his teams have won outright or shared seven conference championships.

• Rob Moseley shares a nice story from the print edition of the R-G on how seven locals have contributed to Oregon's success.

• Aaron Fentress compares the Oregon and Wisconsin running backs.

• Steve Maher at tries his hand out at predictions as he rates the Pac-12 bowl games.

• Rob Moseley continues his "ask-a-Duck" series as fans pose questions for LaMichael James.

Jared Sawyer at has devised his own BCS playoff system and it's not too bad. Check it out here.

• Dale Newton believes it is a good sign when LMJ says the Ducks are hungry for a bowl victory.

Athletes of character, and people of character, rise up to their best efforts with this kind of hunger.

If the Ducks sustain this mindset through their bowl preparations, their performance in the Rose Bowl will be something to see.


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