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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley and Adam Jude pick the brain of recruiting guru Matt Prehm in this special edition of the Postgame Brew.

• Aaron Fentress and Tom Mulhern compare the matchup of speed vs. size between Oregon and Wisconsin and both gentlemen give the edge to the Ducks.

The Oregonian's Aaron Fentress says: Edge to Oregon. The Ducks' overall team speed has looked rather ordinary against elite competition over the past few seasons but the Badgers don't fall in that category. 

The State Journal's Tom Mulhern says: Edge to Oregon. TCU's speed at wide receiver and on defense were big factors in the Badgers' 21-19 loss in the Rose Bowl last season. The bigger problem this year is with Oregon's backs, who can break a big play at any time.

The Duck entourage has landed in the LA area and make a special trip to Disneyland today.

• Pac-12 blogger Ted Miller matches wits with Big Ten blogger Brian Bennett regarding the Rose Bowl.

Josh @ takes a closer look at the Badgers special teams unit.

• Paul Buker looks at the way Oregon can exploit Wisconsin weaknesses.

• On the flip side, Aaron Fentress looks at what Oregon needs to get better at to defeat Wisconsin.

Dale Newton has some thoughts on the ways Oregon can prevent another BCS loss.

• BenzDuck opens the history book and looks at how Duck fans could "follow the action" for the 1917 Rose Bowl. Obviously there was no Twitter, Facebook or television but this was even before commercial radio started. Very good read.

In Eugene, on New Year’s Day in 1917, the solution involved a theater, a Western Union guy, a contraption on a stage and a guy with a megaphone.

The theater was the Heilig, on Willamette Street between 6th and 7th, a venerable, balconied Vaudeville edifice, later a movie house, eventually  among the many victims of urban renewal in the Seventies (the Hult Center occupies its former location).

Click here for the rest of the story. has a special preview of the new Nike Integrated Uniform System uni's Oregon will be wearing at the Rose Bowl.


1 comment:

DDubbs76 said...

Saving the best for last...the uniforms! Wow!

You could look at the Natty and LSU uniforms as somewhat flawed...the yellow was a bit much.

This is the first redesign that I totally love! The numbers are great...the shoulders look great...I love the look of the new helmet. I'm just stoked!