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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Lindsay Schnell has a short update from yesterday's practice before everyone headed out for the holidays.

As I'm writing this and you're reading it, the Ducks are in the midst of their last practice before the holiday season. Practice will end around 11 today and then players and coaches will take off -- some of them out of state, others to their offices. Everyone meets back up in Pasadena on Dec. 26.

• Oregon center Hroniss Grasu has become an integral part of the offensive line this year.

“I try to get better every single day, and hopefully I have,” Grasu said. “Every single game I feel like I’ve been getting more comfortable — every single practice.”

His experience is blossoming off the field, too, Grasu said, in his ability to watch film and put it to use on the field, better anticipating what the defense will do out of various formations.

• Rob Moseley continues his "ask-a-Duck" series with fan psoed questions for De'Anthony Thomas.

• Aaron Fentress continues his examination of Oregon and Wisconsin as he compares the Duck's D-line to the Badger's O-line.

• Keeerrrttt1 @ notes that former Oregon student-athletes would like just a little recognition and respect from the university they played for.

• Michael Clay had a little 49'er help on choosing his path to Oregon.

• George Schroeder reports that a trip to Pasadena is becoming passe for some folks. (warning for Dave, you won't like it)

• Lindsay Schnell has a good story on Boseko Lokombo's long path to Eugene from the Congo.

Lokombo wasn't like some of the California kids who come to the Northwest and see the white powder for the first time knowing full well what it was. At the time, Lokombo was 6 and had just landed in Quebec, Canada. His origin of takeoff: The Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

"I had never seen snow before, I had no idea what was happening," recalled Lokombo, laughing. "I was amazed, I was fascinated. And I remember an hour or two later I couldn't feel anything. I was frozen. Just seeing snow for the first time was big for me. That memory comes back a lot." 


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