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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley and Lindsay Schnell have your Wednesday practice update and Rob provides the video of DT after practice.

Rob: For the second straight day, the Ducks were in the Mo when they'd have preferred to be in Autzen Stadium, which is being outfitted for the game by the conference with new signage and on-field logos and such.

Lindsay: Kelly said. "If they tell us we can't go in the stadium then we can't go in the stadium. If we told us we couldn't go in the Mo we'd find another place to practice. In this program, we worry about things we can control. And what you can control is your effort and focus. 

"There are lots of parking lots. We scouted the parking lots. If need be, we could go there."

Adam Jude notes the Ducks already saw the "pistol" offense earlier this year against Nevada which will help preparing and facing UCLA.

Ted Miller reports the Oregon defense is getting noticed.

Colin Cowerd at ESPN radio has little Q&A with Chip Kelly (audio.)

Anne M. Peterson says the offense is much more than just LMJ and DT.

• One benefit of hosting the first Pac-12 title game is a legacy program that was announced yesterday.

 In conjunction with the Pac-12 Football Championship Game, the Pac-12 Conference and the University of Oregon have joined forces to launch the inaugural Pac-12 Legacy Event, creating a new technology center, reading corner and game area for the Boys and Girls Club of Emerald Valley.

No Don Essig as the stadium announcer for the Pac-12 title game? I call BS on that one.

• Chris Courtney has three keys to an Oregon victory over UCLA.

Rob Moseley has a good story on Hanna, Pleasant and Turner (and Jordan) who found new life in new roles.

“There were some spots available, and those kids jumped at it, and it’s been pretty good,” Pellum said. “And they’ve come a long way, because they were young, and green, and goofy, and all those things. And now they’re all in position to graduate ... it’s been really neat.”

It just hasn’t gone exactly according to plan.



DDubbs76 said...

I figured no Kenny video either...sigh.

Mike Wines said...

I hear you Dave...