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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

KVAL shares their late night news coverage of the 53-30 Oregon victory over Stanford last night.

Rob Moseley says turnovers played a big part in the victory but there just might be something else.

Forcing five turnovers played a big part. Converting two fourth downs into touchdowns helped, too. UO defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti, though, thinks it’s more than that.

“These kids are magical,” Aliotti said after the No. 6 Ducks posted the first road win over a top-five team in school history. “They just are. They’re magical.”

• Jon Wilner, who covers Stanford, gives the Ducks props and called it a beat down.

• Matt Hayes of the Sporting News says LMJ should be back in the Heisman picture.

John Canzano called it track stars beating up wooly mammoths.

• Here are the other game coverage stories in no particular order: Aaron Fentress says Oregon's team speeds leaves Stanford grasping and gasping; Lindsay Schnell says this win should silence the doubters; Steve Summers called it a romping good time; Patrick Malee gives the defense credit; Lucas Clark notes that LMJ takes a back seat to no one; Jason Vondersmith says the Ducks outclassed Stanford; Ken Woody believes the nations pundits are stunned as the Ducks demolished the Tree; Steve Maher calls it speed over brawn; ESPN and round out the coverage.

Ted Miller has a helmet sticker for the Oregon defense.

It doesn't seem like a great night when you hold an offense to 30 points, but when that's Stanford and Andrew Luck, it's something. The Ducks forced five turnovers during their 53-30 victory from a team that entered the game with seven.

• Alex McDougal has some great game photos.

• I will be back with a game highlight video later today so stay tuned and get subscribed to my YouTube channel.

• Dale Newton provides his thoughts on the game and a bowl prediction.

The Ducks have the inside track to the Rose Bowl with two games left to play, the only undefeated team in conference play. A win over 8-2 USC, at home in Autzen next Saturday at 5 p.m. on ABC, clinches a trip to Pasadena for the Granddaddy of Them All.



DDubbs76 said...

If we win next week, it only clinches a shot to the Pac-12 Championship game, not the Rose Bowl.

Mike Wines said...

You would be right Dave...but I didn't write it :)