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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley and Steve Summers have your Tuesday practice update and Rob provides the video of Chip Kelly's press conference after practice.

Rob: As far as participation this morning, both cornerback Anthony Gildon and receiver Justin Hoffman were in pads after missing last week's game at Washington, though if either practiced it was in non-contact status, I gathered. Running back LaMichael James was sporting a tape job around his injured right elbow rather than a brace, and explained later at his own press conference that he hasn't been practicing with the brace that he wears in games.

Steve: For Chip Kelly’s part, he believes the game will really be a match between Stanford’s offensive line and Oregon’s defensive line. 

Nick Aliotti credits the defensive line’s success with the hard work the group puts in and with all the effort according to the Defense’s boss, good things happen. 

“Those guys are good,” Aliotti said of the defensive line. “They work hard every day therefore the game is very easy for them."

The D line was responsible for numerous sacks last week, can they keep it up against Stanford?

“They have really good players,” Jerry Azzinaro said. “Like we say around here, scheme is overrated. They have really good players who play really, really hard, and that’s the key.”

Entering this week, Stanford leads the nation in fewest sacks allowed, averaging .44 per game, and is No. 17 in rush offense at 224.67 yards per game. The Oregon defensive front is No. 6 in sacks with 3.22 per game, and No. 58 in rush defense at 149.22 yards per game.

“We’ll give it our best shot,” Azzinaro said. has their week eleven football release available where you will learn everything you need to know about the game against Stanford.

• Think Oregon isn't having the same kind of year they enjoyed last year? Think again.

Lindsay Schnell reports with Eddie Pleasant at safety Nick Aliotti believes Oregon can put their 11 best players on the field.

Keeerrrttt1 opens the history book and takes us back on a long and enjoyable trip as he examines the Oregon and College GameDay relationship.

Rob Moseley has a great story on former NFL coach Tony Dungy and what he has meant to the football program.

Recently, Dungy told the Oregon Club crowd, he was back in Tampa, driving near the Buccaneers’ stadium, when he was literally stopped in his tracks, braking his car suddenly and pulling over to the side of the road. Hanging outside the stadium was a large banner featuring Tampa Bay’s young star running back, LeGarrette Blount.

For Dungy, it was an affirmation, that the guidance Kelly provided — with a big assist from Dungy — had been prudent. Dungy snapped a quick photo of the banner with his cell phone, and sent it off to Kelly, as an expression of gratitude, one respected mentor acknowledging the efforts of another.

“That,” Dungy said, “is really what it’s all about.”


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