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Monday, November 07, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

A little Monday morning preview video to get your juices flowing. Video courtesy of DucksEmpire.

• Ken Goe looks ahead to the matchup with Stanford on Saturday.

"You always get excited when you have big challenges," [Chip] Kelly said. "Obviously, Stanford is undefeated right now and ranked '3' in the country. That's always the fun part of coaching and playing, big games like this."

"Our D-Line is playing at a pretty good level."

It won't take anything less if the Ducks are going to steal out of the Bay Area with a victory.

• Stephen Alexander examines how the Ducks are plotting to stop Andrew Luck.

Kelly said the Ducks like playing in tough games with their season hanging in the balance. With the table set for an epic clash, Stanford will give Oregon everything the Ducks' coach says they want.

“They want to play in these situations, but we’ll see” Kelly said. “Next week is going to be a big test again. If they want (tough situations), they’re going to get them.”

• The newest poll results are out where you will find Oregon 7th in the BCS and 6th in the AP and coaches poll.

Ted Miller shares 'what we learned" from the Pac-12 games this last weekend.

In the preseason, Oregon-Stanford looked like the Pac-12 game of the year. Things often don't go as planned in college football, but this one did. The only way it could be better is if the Ducks had opened with a win against LSU. Stanford could play itself into the national title game, but at the very least the Pac-12 North and BCS bowls are at stake.

Ted also figures the Ducks will end up in the Rose Bowl game this post season.

LMJ regained the lead in the national rushing stats with his 156 yard performance against the Huskies.


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DDubbs76 said...

Oh dude, this is going to be a long week! Go Ducks!