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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Ken Goe reminds us that the game tonight will be played in a cold, dark and uninviting stadium.

"That's a hard place to play," Tom Osborne said.

Once the game starts, "it's a lot of people, a lot of noise, a great atmosphere to play in. They hate you, so it adds more drama to it. It's a great environment for the home team. Their fans are awesome."

• Patrick Malee notes that Steve Greatwood transformed Oregon's offensive line into one of the nation's best.

Greatwood’s unit paves the way for an offense that ranks fourth in the nation in scoring (47.5 points per game) and rushing (309.25 yards per game). The Ducks have led the conference in rushing going on six consecutive seasons, and Greatwood has done it all during a time where he’s had just one All-American (Max Unger in 2008).

• Lucas Clark has a Q&A with Alejandro Maldonado.

Dale Newton provides his scouting report on the Dawgs and has his keys to the game.

• George Schroeder agrees with the NCAA decision to allow colleges to give scholarship athletes a little extra spending money.

• John Canzano had Terrell Turner on his radio show recently and provides the audio link.

• Lucas Clark believes the Oregon secondary is ready for another challenge from Dawg QB Keith Price.

• Ted Miller wonders "did you know?"

The Ducks have won seven in a row against Washington, the longest winning streak by either team in the history of this series. Oregon has averaged 43.6 points per game during the win streak; Washington has averaged 17.1. Washington’s last win against Oregon came in 2003.

• Lavasier Tuinei follows his father's example in the game of football.

Lavasier Tuinei spent many a day chasing his football-star father around stadium bleachers at the University of Arizona and, a few years later, into NFL locker rooms, learning the ins and outs of the game from an early age.

Lavasier can still picture Sundays in San Diego, and a classic Bears-Packers game in Chicago, where his dad spent an afternoon trying to bring down Brett Favre.

• Predictions are starting to come in and Rob Moseley,  Aaron Fentress along with Takimoto at ATQ have Oregon winning.


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DDubbs76 said...

Let's see...prediction...

Oregon 59
Washington 17

A comedy of turnovers and errors by the dawgs.