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Monday, October 31, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley reports on the weekly CK teleconference where Kelly had these comments regarding the WSU game.

Among the Ducks' highlights against WSU, Kelly said of De'Anthony Thomas' brilliant touchdown on a screen pass that "a lot of people are still spinning on that one," and that Darron Thomas' scrambling touchdown pass to Lavasier Tuinei before being drilled by a defender "kind of typifies his career here at Oregon."

"He finds a way to get it done," Kelly said.

Rob also supplies the links to the R-G's print edition stories covering the game.

Lindsay Schnell also participated in the CK teleconference and noted this comment regarding the upcoming game against Washington.

“I don’t know about the rest of the guys we’re playing but we’re playing Price this week and he’s thrown 23 touchdown passes,” Kelly said. “He’s a guy you’re going to have to contain because he can run, too. He presents a little different than other guys. We’re going to have to be disciplined in our rush lanes but also make sure we don’t let him escape.”

• Oregon slipped one spot to #8 in the BCS poll but moved up one spot to #6 in the AP.

Rob Moseley sets the stage for the game with the Dawgs.

• Wade Evanson does a nice job in his story about Cliff Harris, an All-American tale.

I hope Cliff Harris is cleared of his most recent wrongdoing, earns back Chip Kelly’s trust and finds a way to contribute in a positive way to this year’s team’s success. I also hope that he has someone in his life willing and able to explain to him that what may be in his best interest is to clean up his act, work his butt off on the field and in the classroom, and return for his senior season, perform at the level we know he’s capable of and resurrect his NFL stock to or higher than a level most know he’s capable of. 

But that’s out of our control.


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