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Monday, October 24, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
• Adam Jude reports that Chip Kelly had some comments on the upcoming WSU game during his weekly teleconference last night.

"They're an improved team from last year," Kelly said (coach speak for-we're still going to beat them by 30)during his weekly Sunday evening conference call. "Obviously they lost their quarterback (Jeff Tuel) early in the season, but I think (Marshall) Lobbestael has done areal nice job for them. They have a good bunch of receivers in (Marquess) Wilson and (Jared) Karstetter. They're an improved team, and Paul Wulff has done a nice job building that program."

• Oregon moves up to seventh in the BCS, AP and coaches poll.

Rob Moseley has all the links for the Sunday R-G articles regarding the Colorado victory.

• Dale Newton grades Oregon's performance vs Colorado.

Chip Kelly's team was lightning efficient, striking for four quick touchdowns on their first four possessions. Bryan Bennett never blinked. He took to the opening assignment like it was another week at Crespi High, prepared for the situation, in command, with adept feet and vision and a passing arm that found its rhythm as the game went on.


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