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Friday, October 21, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley has your Thursday practice update and provides the video of Chip Kelly answering questions after practice.

Kelly was asked about coaching future doctors at those prestigious universities, and whether that was a unique challenge.

"We're coaching football, not doctors," Kelly said. "You don't want me coaching doctors, trust me.

"If I do, don't go to that doctor."

Rob also projects who will win the team awards based on the season so far.

DL Taylor Hart isn't afraid of a little hard work to get what he wants.

“He just plays with great effort all the time, and exactly what we preach: ‘Everybody runs,’ ” UO coach Chip Kelly said. “That’s what you hear us always talk about on defense, and Taylor embodies that.”

• Jason Vondersmith says the only uncertainty in the matchup with Colorado is who will be in Oregon's backfield.

Ted Miller predicts an Oregon victory on Saturday in Boulder. Final score: Oregon 48, Colorado 17.

Whether the Ducks have quarterback Darron Thomas and/or running back LaMichael James doesn't really matter. The Buffaloes are injury-ravaged and might have lost what little confidence they had.

Lindsay Schnell wonders how much better can the Oregon running game get?

RB coach Gary Campbell believes that something changed with Kenjon Barner last weekend, and now Campbell suspects he's going to be an even better runner as the season plays out. 

"I think he's become a stronger runner," Campbell said. "What I saw in Kenjon Saturday was that something kinda clicked and he became a phyiscal runners as the game progressed. The more hits he took, I think the more convinced he was that, 'Hey, I'm gonna do this.'"


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DDubbs76 said...

I remember LaMichael going through something like that too...getting hit and realizing that he can do it.