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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley talks with Darrion Weems and Terrell Turner after the Wednesday walk-through yesterday about preparing for Cal.

Dale Newton wonders how dangerous is Cal and what will it take to win decisively?

There is no blueprint, other than the same blueprint it takes to beat anyone: tackle. Beat blocks. Pursue. Disrupt. Execute better than the opponent. People want to make football complicated when it isn't. Every coach schemes and breaks down film. In the end, players play, and the ones who run faster and hit harder win the game.

And if Oregon wants to win another conference title, they'll have to run faster and hit harder every week, beginning Thursday night with Cal.

Ted Miller reports the Pac-12 conference has gone to great lengths to put together a winning team for the first Pac-12 Championship Game.

Josh at has his part two preview ready for the Cal game and thinks the Duck swill win by 28.

Ted Miller predicts Oregon is ready to emerge at Cal's expense.

Dale Newton lists his keys to the game.

Jason Vondersmith predicts a well rested Oregon team will win by 20.

Aaron Fentress looks for a 34 point Oregon victory.

• You know I am picking Oregon. My score prediction? Oregon 42 - Cal 17

• Adam Jude notes that Kenjob Barner considers himself a blessed man. (Very good read.)

The Barners are extremely grateful for the care and attention Kenjon received from Oregon’s coaches and support staff, including UO director of athletic medicine Dr. Greg Skaggs, in the wake of the injury.

“These guys talked to me as a real person, rather than as an asset to the team,” Kenjon said. “They value my life and my future; it wasn’t just about football, and for that I’ll forever be grateful to these people.”

These days, he’s back in the spotlight, showing his versatility in myriad ways for the Ducks.

He knows he’s blessed, and he’s not alone.



DDubbs76 said...

Alright...I dig it. My prediction is that it will be close...fool me once...

I think Cal gets up for Oregon as if it were their Super Bowl, and we get their best game every single year. We're going to win...we're at Autzen...we're mostly healthy...Cliff is back and ready to attack...but it won't be a blowout.

Oregon 37
Cal 24

Uniforms--Janky new/old ones.

DuckStud said...

I don't it will be that close Dave...this Cal team is not the same one they had last year...lost a lot of players on defense..we'll see...