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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Perhaps the biggest news from yesterday is the announcement that Kenny Wheaton, aka "Kenny Wheaton is gonna score," has been selected to be inducted into the Oregon Athletic Hall of Fame class for 2011.

 Josh at has a very nice preview of the game against Cal and breaks down Cal's "Cover 0" scheme.

Adam Jude compares stats between Oregon and Cal as the Ducks prepare for next Thursday's game.

 John Canzano got a chance to talk with former Duck, Matt Toeania, on his radio show and provides the audio link.

 Ken Goe believes the Oregon football program has put up roadblocks for the media and fans alike.

 Rob Moseley has some final thoughts on the Arizona game after watching it again while on vacation. Here is just one of Rob's observations:

[John] Boyett was a beast, ranging all over the field to break up passes and deliver devastating hits (sometimes even to teammates ...). I don't know if he was assigned to double certain receivers on certain plays, or was just reading what he saw and reacting, but his ability to get from center field over to the sidelines to break up passes was impressive.


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