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Monday, September 19, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
 Adam Jude and Lindsay Schnell were on hand last night for CK's weekly conference call and Chip talked about getting ready for Arizona. Here is a sample from each story.

Adam: "Every game we've played (against Arizona) since I've been here has ben a nail-biter, and we're preparing for that this week," UO coach Chip Kelly said in a conference call with reporters. "For whatever reason, both teams match up well against each other. They've been epic games where you trade shots and see who's standing at the end."

Lindsay: Kelly and his staff said on Saturday after the Ducks’ blowout win over Missouri State that they were eager to hurry home to catch Arizona hosting Stanford. A close game at halftime turned into an easy 37-10 win for the Cardinal, as Mike Stoops & Co. dropped their second game in a row.

 Oregon moved up to #10 in the AP poll and climbed one spot to #13 in the coaches poll.

 Jon Wilner has the latest on expansion rumors with Texas and Oklahoma.

 The R-G shares feature stories from yesterday's paper on the Missouri St. game; LMJ ties the record for career TD's, defense has to work without Clay or Boyett who were injured, Vaughn's summer route work is paying dividends on the field, and Ken Woody breaks down the game.

Dale Newton grades the Mo St. game and liked just about everything except the D-line play.

...the defensive line did show signs of progress, a sack by Isaac Remington, a stuff by Taylor Hart, penetrations by Dion Jordan. Ricky Heimuli stuffed a running play cold in the middle, shedding the blocker. They just need to make more plays, and prove the can stop the potent offenses of the PAC-12, beginning with Nick Foles and the Wildcats.


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DDubbs76 said...

I hope these injuries are tame, and that all of those guys took it off because of the opponent, and will be ready Saturday. Word.