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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

 KVAL reporter Nick Krupke brings you some highlights from yesterday's big 56-7 win over Missouri St.

 Here are the game stories from all the various bloggers and pundits; Adam Jude says Oregon got their money's worth, Steve Summers thinks Oregon grew, Chris Courtney has some nice words for LMJ, Ken Goe thought DT had an excellent game and never looked better, Dale Newton believes DT and the receivers looked sharp, and Steve at says this is still LMJ's team.

 The Oregon Daily Emerald and the Oregonian bring you gameday pictures.

 We all knew it was coming, Oregon received an official Notice of Inquiry from the NCAA yesterday.

 Ted Miller has a helmet sticker for LaMichael.

The Ducks running back rushed for 204 yards on 12 carries with three TDs with a long of 90 yards, which obscured a 50-yard TD run. Hey, it was during a 56-7 win over Missouri State, but still... a 50 and 90 yard run?

I will have my highlight video ready later today so stay tuned. Subscribe via the YouTube button on the right side-bar or visit my channel page at YouTube.


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