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Friday, September 16, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley has your Thursday practice update and KVAL supplies the video of CK and DT after practice.

 Lindsay Schnell was also on hand after practice and adds her comments.

On the injury front, running back Kenjon Barner seems to be feeling a little bit better. Barner, who hurt his ankle against LSU and did not play against Nevada last week, got pushed into the post-practice ice bath by a teammate, then popped up and ran around shrieking, "It's cold! It's cold!" with a big smile on his face. As one astute reader on Twitter points out, better Barner be saying, "It's cold!" than, "Ouch, my ankle!"

 Adam Jude reminds us there is a big pay day waiting for Missouri State.

Barring a monumental upset on Saturday, the payoff for Missouri State’s first trip to Autzen Stadium will not come on the scoreboard.

No, the bottom line for the Bears is ... well, it’s the bottom line. And they’re making no bones about it.

“We need the money,” Missouri State coach Terry Allen said.

 Ted Miller figures the Ducks will win big.

Oregon 80, Missouri State 2: Chip Kelly will be unhappy with the shotgun snap from the backup center that costs the Ducks a shutout. (just a reminder to Dave....your weekly story going to be ready?)

 Carson York is a force on and off the field. Good story by Ken Goe.

"I think he is awesome," Kelly said. "He is well-spoken, well thought out. When we have team meetings, or sometimes just sit around and talk to our squad leaders, some of the things that come out of his mouth, his perspective on things – there is a maturity to him."

 Dale Newton believes the Ducks have plenty of work left to do on Saturday.

On Saturday, look for crispness and precision from Oregon's lines. Look for execution, and signs they're committed to getting better. Hopefully no one gets their arm in a sling from patting themselves on the back, because much bigger challenges are immediately ahead.


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