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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

 Ken Goe was waiting for CK after practice but the coach was not available to take questions. DT was and answered reporters questions. Video courtesy of KVAL. Really liked DT's confidence in the video, "I'm going to break it"...good stuff...

 Ted Miller has Oregon at #2 in his Pac-12 power rankings.

 Rob Moseley figures youth will be served again this week as Oregon takes on Missouri St.

The 12th-ranked Ducks (1-1) were delving deep into their depth chart late in Saturday’s 69-20 win over Nevada in Autzen Stadium. During a break in the action, bewilderment registered in the body language of the UO players on the field, and the coaching staff chuckled upon realizing what was up.

“Our guys didn’t know what a TV timeout was,” offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich said. “Every single guy in the huddle had never been in that situation before.”

 Michael Clay, the star for the defense (IMO) on Saturday, will likely miss the next game and probably beyond that from the sounds of things. Who will step up?

 Twitter was afire yesterday with outrage over comments made by Pac-12 consultant Mike Pereira that Oregon players flashing the "O" were somehow being unsportsmanlike. Sounds like he might be back pedaling according to Rob Moseley.

Takimoto at ATQ takes a first glance at our next opponent, Missouri St.

There's no sugar coating it, this is a paycheck game. Missouri State is coming into Autzen to lose by a lot, and get paid to do it. The nature of the beast in college football is that lower-tier teams need games like this to sustain their program. It doesn't make for very exciting football, but it keeps athletic departments in business.


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DDubbs76 said...

Damn yo...Michael Clay killed it, and then goes down. DOH!