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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

 Ken Goe believes the Ducks will find their mojo today.

Nevada isn't LSU, we're one game into a long season, and Kelly isn't stupid.

The offense should be back in synch this week, the conference title still is in play, and Kelly has several months to tinker with his Xs and Os before the Ducks play another top-shelf, nonconference opponent.

Dale Newton highlights his keys to the game.

If this game and the next (against SW Missouri State next Saturday, also home at Autzen) go the way they should, Oregon's coaches and fans will be able to get an extended look at younger, promising players in the Duck rotation. Lyerla should have his first catch, the Momba his first big run. Ek, Dargan, Malone, Ebert, Hardrick, Wallace, Coleman, and Fisher may get a chunk of snaps to show what they can do. Eric Dungy might get his first career catch. But the most anticipated debut? Bryan Bennett, the redshirt freshman quarterback, who vows visitors to practice with tight spirals and his quickness around the corner. The future of Oregon football could be on display by midway through the third quarter, and attentive fans will enjoy how bright it truly is. As wonderful a ride as the last three years have been, the next three could be unprecedented and glorious: a smart coach, talented players, and the loudest, most enthusiastic and best informed fans east of Birmingham.

 Adam Jude has a good story on De'Anthony Thomas who might be building a new legend at Oregon.

Ask those closest to him, and they say the enormous hype doesn’t define De’Anthony Thomas.

“Real humble kid. Very humble,” said Robert Garrett, Thomas’ coach at Crenshaw High School. “You never see him boast or brag or none of that flashy stuff. He’s real humble and grateful for the opportunity, and you don’t see that often with a kid with those (athletic) attributes.”

 The receivers need to step it up a notch against Nevada.

 Kiko Alonso will make a much anticipated return to the Oregon defense today.

 Rob Moseley has a Q&A with LB Josh Kaddu.

 ATQ has a Q&A with a Nevada blogger.

 John Canzano talks with Terrell Turner about the LSU game and today's game. Audio podcast here.

 Andy Mac warns that it will be hot tomorrow. Plenty of sunscreen and staying well "hydrated" will be a must.

 Nate Costa won't be keeping his new job as a Springfield police officer due to his knees, the same issue that hindered his Oregon career. Good luck with any new ventures Nate!

Wade Evanson has a little tough love for the coaches.

I don’t know what’s up with the play-calling, but continually running into the heart of the line, throwing 4-yard-outs on 3rd and 12, and failing to get your speed outside the tackles is “Losing 101” for this Oregon team. What happened to the creativity?

 Josh over at looks at the game today and has the Ducks winning by 32.

 Dale Newton offers his prediction for the game today and has the Ducks winning by 35.

Rob Moseley predicts a 32 point win for the Ducks.

 Personally, I am going to be a bit more conservative and predict a victory for the Ducks, 38 - 17.



DDubbs76 said...

DOH! I didn't write a post! Dude, that's where my life is at right now...nose, just above the water.

Anyway, I think we come out and play better, but we have more kinks to work out, and Nevada isn't just going to lay down and die.

Oregon 34
Nevada 13

DuckStud said...

Same point differential that I have Dave...I am not counting on a blowout until next week...